J Zappa Realty Corp is a second generation real estate firm originally founded by John R. Zappa, a licensed Real Estate broker, appraiser, and banker who believed that in order for something to be a good deal it had to be a good deal for both parties. With this attitude, John was able to broker numerous multimillion dollar deals with both parties leaving the closing table satisfied. John’s daughter, Joann, has carried on this tradition as an attorney, real estate broker and investor. Joann has taken her father’s motto and found a very unique way to make the current real estate and banking market advantageous to all parties involved. Using over 75 years of combined real estate, lending and legal expertise, J Zappa Realty Corp chooses opportunities that will benefit all involved. In today’s market there are unfortunately many distressed homeowners and many properties either currently in foreclosure or already bank owned. Endless numbers of mortgage companies and lenders have gone out of business. On the other hand, individuals who may not necessarily be in financial distress have nowhere to invest what money they do have without risk, unless they settle for less than 1% return on their money. With traditional lenders restricting their guidelines more and more daily, buyers are unable to purchase homes, and more homes go in to foreclosure since distressed owners cannot sell. J Zappa Realty researches properties and negotiates with sellers. Most times these sellers are in distress and communication is made with the lenders getting short sales approved. Negotiating and purchasing these properties, J Zappa Realty has helped the sellers in distress enabling them to get out of a situation where they owed more than the properties were worth. In order to make these deals happen in the necessary timeline to assist the sellers, instead of using traditional mortgage funds from the ever changing banking industry, we use private funds. After many years of using our own funds we have decided to offer an opportunity to individuals to get a high secured return on their money. Please read about the opportunities we offer and contact us for further information. We look forward to working with you.

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